MARIJUANA - SOCIAL JUSTICE - HEALTH EQUITY - PUBLIC HEALTH - Join us Monday, May 13, 2019 from 1pm-4pm to hear from experts and discuss the confluence of marijuana, social justice, and public health. This session is NOT included in the regular registration fee for the Summit. More information coming soon!

BONUS Pre-Summit Session


Topics & SPeakers

We will have speakers from the CDC, ANR, NACCHO, the Public Health Law Center, Rescue Agency, ChangeLab Solutions, the Public Health Institute (California), The Massachusetts Association of Health Boards, and may others. We are adding more each day!

AGENDA TOPICS Will include:

  • Marijuana Policy: considerations for public health

  • Statewide prevention programs

  • Marijuana legalization and the role of local policies

  • Marijuana and health equity - social justice

  • Youth impact of legalized marijuana

  • Economic development and tourism—the public health response

  • Reasons tobacco control should care about marijuana legalization

  • National policy recommendations advocating for a public health approach for local communities

  • How legalization affects child and maternal health

  • Protecting smoke-free workplace laws

  • Strategies for community change, post legalization

  • Targeting youth, marijuana messaging to those at-risk

  • History and health affects — what we know

  • And more!

Sample agenda for agency approval to attend the summit HERE